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Get ready for winter! Winterize your holiday home....

Toward the end of season it’s the time to start thinking about getting your caravan ready for the winter ahead.
A drain down, is the removal of all water from within the pipe work of the caravan.  Many people do this themselves or some just don’t think it is worth it, but the damage caused by water can be immense. Burst pipes are due to the caravan not being drained down during the winter months. In unexpected cold snaps the pipe work can freeze, the pipes expand and split causing bursts - this normally results in the caravan becoming flooded and worse still water soaking into the flooring and leading to you having to have your floor replaced. Best practice is to have your caravan drained down at the end of the season & isolate the water supply prior to leaving the caravan for the winter season.
SCS offers a winter drain down service which is fully guaranteed. Unless this is done properly it may result in a costly repair & worse still the possibility of you not being able to enjoy your home at the start of the new season.
Over the last 3 years Caravan Owners have claimed more than £3 million on their insurance policies for water/frost damage. In some circumstances, if your caravan gets seriously water damaged it can take up to 3 months in order to complete repair, leaving you & your family without the use of your holiday home.
The water damage caused by a burst pipe or fitting can be immense, and often, Insurance companies very rarely if ever, will payout for damage caused by failing to, or incorrectly draining down your holiday home.

The best way to protect your home is to have it professionally drained down.
SCS will book your desired drain down & refill dates into the diary upon booking, allowing you to relax knowing your holiday home is in safe hands.

Please note our drain down service does include an antifreeze level check but not a top up. Antifreeze top up can be carried out at the time of drain down at additional cost.

Static Caravan Services Ltd can offer a “block booking discount” to holiday home owners who get 10 or more owners to have their holiday home drained down on the same date.

Please contact us via the “contact us link” for further details.

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